Final Fantasy VII Game Script

This is a compilation of everything people are programmed to say in the world of FF7 (U.S. PlayStation version). The text is extracted directly from data files on the game CD, so you can be fairly certain that it's complete and accurate. Text for the main game is arranged in chronological order, while text for side areas and miscellaneous NPCs are arranged separately by location.

What's in this collection?

Transcript of all text that you'll ever read by playing the game, including all possible dialogue options, branches, paths, and outcomes.

Hidden bits of dialogue that are part of the CD's data files, but can never be seen in the game without hacking it.

Some tips on how to get every item available, how to score a date with a particular person at the Gold Saucer, plus general hints.

Lots of typing, grammar, syntax, and similar errors that were part of the original English version of the game (including the infamous "this guy are sick"). Since the text is directly copied from the CD, it's safe to assume any linguistic error in this collection also exists in the game itself. Most of them were later fixed in the PC version.

What's not (yet) included?

A detailed walkthrough and description of events. The point here is to document everything that's said, not to write a walkthrough or a novel. The quick tips and descriptions assume you are already familiar with the game.

Corresponding text in versions released for the PC and other locales

Of course, some mistakes can creep in during the process of compiling the script and arranging the text. If you spot something that I missed, or have any questions or comments, you are welcome to contact me at Please include the words "FF7 script" in the email's subject to prevent it from being mistaken for spam.

Let's get started!

Disc 1

Part 1: Seeds of resistance
AVALANCHE successfully carries out their mission at No. 1 Reactor and returns to their hideout in Sector 7. Cloud agrees to stay for the next mission.

Part 2: Chased by Shinra
The party leaves to carry out their second mission at No. 5 Reactor, but gets ambushed and separated. Cloud and Aeris escape from the Turks and take rest in Sector 5.

Part 3: Strange shopping trip
Cloud and Aeris cross Sector 6 in search of Tifa and arrive at Wall Market, where they collect an array of items that will help Cloud disguise himself as a woman.

Part 4: The sky is falling
Cloud dresses up and infiltrates Don Corneo's mansion with Aeris and Tifa. They learn about Shinra's plan and hurry back to Sector 7, but aren't able to save it from being wiped out.

Part 5: Rising from the ashes
The party regroups at Aeris's house, then climbs up to the upper plate and reaches floor 62 of Shinra building.

Part 6: Things get messy
The party continues up from floor 63 of Shinra building, but are captured again shortly after saving Aeris and Red XIII from Hojo. A sudden reappearance of Sephiroth leads to President Shinra getting killed, and the party being chased out of Midgar.

Part 7: Cloudy memories
The party reaches Kalm, where Cloud takes a moment to recount his visit to Nibelheim with Sephiroth five years ago.

Part 8: Crossing the continent
The party leaves Kalm and travels across Mythril Mines to Junon. Cloud is forced to join the parade and reception ceremony while trying to find a way to follow Shinra across the ocean.

Part 9: From ocean to desert
The party hitches a ride on Shinra's ship bound for Costa del Sol, then crosses Mt. Corel to reach North Corel.

Part 10: Underneath the wonderland
Just as the party begins to explore the Gold Saucer and get to know Cait Sith, a misunderstanding lands them all in the desert prison. Barret faces his old friend and Cloud participates in the chocobo race to regain their freedom.

Part 11: Smells like home
The party reaches Cosmo Canyon and learns the truth about Red XIII's father. They continue to Nibelheim and across Mt. Nibel.

Part 12: A small break
The party reaches Rocket Town and meets Cid, who is forced to join after Shinra shows up. They return to the Gold Saucer to get the Keystone, and settle down for a relaxing evening.

Part 13: The grand scheme
Cait Sith steals the Keystone and reveals he is a Shinra spy. The party follows him to the Temple of the Ancients, but Sephiroth also makes his presence known and lays out his plans for the planet.

Part 14: The journey must go on
Sephiroth takes control over Cloud just when the party retrieves the Black Materia. The party follows Aeris to the Forgotten Capital where Sephiroth awaits.

Disc 2

Part 15: The great white north
The party travels across Icicle Inn, the Great Glacier, and Gaea's Cliff to reach the Northern Crater. Cloud grows ever more uncertain of himself under Sephiroth's influence.

Part 16: A different world
Cloud finally collapses under Sephiroth's will, and Meteor is summoned. Tifa and Barret escape Shinra custody and the party makes its getaway on the stolen Highwind.

Part 17: Under new leadership
The party finds a Mako-poisoned Cloud in Mideel, and Tifa decides to stay with him. Cid leads the party to protect Fort Condor and North Corel from Shinra's attempts to collect Huge Materia.

Part 18: The true Cloud
The party returns to Mideel in time to fend off an attack from Weapon. Cloud and Tifa fall into the lifestream, and Tifa helps Cloud explore his subconscious memories to find his true self.

Part 19: High-tech hijacking
With Cloud back as leader, the party commandeers the submarine in Junon and the rocket in Rocket Town to take Huge Materia from Shinra.

Part 20: With renewed purpose
The party seeks advice from Bugenhagen, who helps them understand how to stop Meteor. Meanwhile, Shinra moves the Mako cannon to Midgar and manage to take out the barrier protecting Sephiroth, but is left in disarray after Weapon's counter-attack.

Part 21: Back to the source
The party returns to Midgar once more to stop Hojo from his misguided experimentation. After a short rest, everyone gathers back at the Highwind and prepares for the final battle against Sephiroth.

Disc 3

Part 22: The end
The party descends into the Northern Crater and faces Jenova and Sephiroth for the last time.

Side quests and other areas

Yuffie: Recruiting Yuffie, Wutai side quest, Wutai pagoda

Vincent: Recruiting Vincent, Lucrecia side quest

Fort Condor

Gold Saucer

Chocobo breeding: Chocobo farm, Chocobo sage

Midgar sector 7

Beginner's Hall

Midgar sector 5

Wall Market

Shinra Building



Respectable Inn

Costa del Sol

Corel: North Corel, Corel prison


Cosmo Canyon

Nibelheim: including Shinra Mansion

Rocket Town

Northern Continent: Bone Village, Forgotten City, Gaea's Cliff

Icicle Inn



Miscellaneous areas: Ancient Forest, Gelnika, Sleeping man, Gongaga blacksmith, Materia caves, Highwind, World map

Shared text: Names and descriptions of items, materia, abilities, and common messages from menus and battles

Gold Saucer date

This collection contains all the information that'll help you score a date with anyone you want at Gold Saucer. If you don't want to scan through the entire script, then I highly recommend TFergusson's Gold Saucer Date Guide, available at Almost all the information there corresponds exactly with what I've found independently. Many other "guides" to dating Yuffie/Barret on various web sites are not nearly as complete nor accurate.

If a segment appears without any mention of dating, it's most likely because it does not affect the outcome. This includes many conversations with party members, choosing party members in PHS, using Cover in battle, etc., which many sources list as relevant but is not actually the case.

Don Corneo's date

This is another place where many choices affect the outcome. It seems that no one has ever posted the correct formula for the outcome of this scene. The formula is quite simple, actually, and it can be found in part 3 of this collection.

What's up with the colors?

Here's a quick overview of the notations. Notice color and indentation.

*** Sections usually begin with a line like this, with the name of the data file from which the following text is extracted, plus the name of the area as shown in the main menu ***

Black text represents a quote. It is said by someone or something.


Oh, I get it.


A person can say multiple things in a row.

When that happens, many sentences will be stacked like this.

The speakers of some lines are not given names, so they are listed without a name.

Red text indicates something useful to do, such as picking up an item.

Green text provides a quick guide to what to do next.

Gray text in a smaller font indicates hidden text that was programmed but never appears in the course of a normal game.

And as for blue text...

I know!

That's right. They represent a choice that you can make in the game, or a branch in the game's events that depends on your situation.

I don't know...

Are you sure?

Oh, now I get it!

After making one choice, yet another choice might be presented. This situation is marked by blue text inside a blue segment.

I still don't know...

Oh well. Let's move on to the yellow border.

"Normal" text like this represents something that must be said in order to advance in the game. If you are doing a speed run, this would be the only text you need to worry about.

Optional scenes and conversations are indicated by text with a different font and a yellow border like this.

It isn't necessary to trigger these in the game, but they might be enriching or entertaining.

Some actions might be optional. It's not always necessary to pick up items on the ground.

Some items are indeed required. For example, the "Restore" materia in No. 1 Reactor blocks your path until you pick it up.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list of everything that can happen with these colors, but all the basics are here. Have fun with the script!


Qhimm's FF7 wiki has been an indispensable resource. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to extract all the text and this collection simply would not have been possible. I also consulted the following excellent guides on to double check the contents of this collection:

FAQ/Walkthrough by A I e x, version "Final"

FAQ/Walkthrough by Absolute Steve, version "Ultimate"

FAQ/Walkthrough by Apathetic Aardvark, version "Lucky 7s"

FAQ/Walkthrough by bover_87, version 1.0

FAQ/Walkthrough by Kao Megura, version 2.2

Character Setup Guide by Atom Edge, version 5.1

Enemy Mechanics FAQ by TFergusson, version 1.11

Fort Condor FAQ by Master Epyon, version 3.0

Gold Saucer FAQ by Absolute Steve, version "Gold"

Perfect Game FAQ by JungleJim, version 1.3

Speed Run FAQ/Walkthrough by GarlandG, version 3.3

Miscellaneous stuff

As you can imagine, I spent a lot of time putting together this collection. It's actually been a fun experience, seeing I get to play FF7 at the same time. Feel free to save/copy/print/post/link to any part of this site as long as you credit this site as the source, and don't make money off of it in any way.

In case you are wondering, no, I did not format all the HTML by hand. The script was copied onto plain text files, and converted into HTML by a little utility that I made. The index.html and script.css files were made by hand. You can download the original text files and the source code (Java) for the converter. There is no documentation, but the format shouldn't be very difficult to understand, and the converter shouldn't be too difficult to figure out if you can read Java code.

The code to extract text from data files is not being released at the moment, mainly because it is buggy and does not serve any other useful purpose. If you are interested, feel free to email me and ask about it.