Finding Tifa

Dressing Up

Getting Wig

Getting Tiara

Getting Perfume

Honey Bee Inn

Finding Tifa

Get out of Sector 5 slums, go left

[MDS5_3: Sector 5 Slum] Streets outside Sector 5 slums


You're up bright and early.


How could I ask you to go along when I knew it would be dangerous?


Are you done?


You have to go through the slum in Sector 6 to get to Tifa's 7th Heaven.

I'll take you there. Come on!

Take some time to level up, use Aeris's bed to recover for free. When ready, go through the junkyard.

[MDS6_2: Sector 6 park] Playground outside Wall Market


The gate to Sector 7's in there.


Sector 7's just past this gate.


Thanks. I guess this is goodbye. You gonna be all right going home?


Oh no! 'What ever will I do!?' ...isn't that what you want me to say?

See her home

Choose this if you want to date Tifa/Yuffie/Barret


Isn't that a little out of the way?


Yeah, I guess so.

Take her to Sector 7

Choose this if you want to date Aeris


I could do that. But won't I be in your way?


What do you mean in the way?




Okay, I guess I'll be going home now. I'm glad I met you, Cloud.


Thanks for all your help.


Can we take a break?

Talk to Aeris


I can't believe it's still here.


Cloud, over here!


What rank were you?




You know, in SOLDIER.


Oh, I was...


First Class.


Just the same as him.


The same as who?


My first boyfriend.


You were...serious?


No. But I liked him for a while.


I probably knew him. What was his name?


It doesn't really matter.


Huh? Hey, back there......




That girl in the cart was Tifa? Where was she going? She looked kind of odd...




I'll go on alone! You go home!

Follow Aeris

[MRKT2: Wall Market] Lower section of Wall Market


This place is scary in a lot of ways. Especially for a girl. So we've got to find Tifa fast.

Go up to Corneo's mansion, talk to guard

[COLNE_1: Corneo Hall] Outside Don Corneo's mansion

This is Don Corneo's mansion. He's a big shot here in Wall Market.

Listen, the Don's not interested in men. So just get the hell outta here.

Take bottom right path, talk to fat guy near door. More optional dialogue is available in Wall Market.

[MRKT3: Honey Bee Inn] In front of Honey Bee Inn

Welcome!! Even unpopular dweebs, like you may meet their destiny here!!

You looking for a girlfriend too?

You know a girl named Tifa?

Choose this to continue

Hey, you're pretty fast. Tifa's our newest girl.

But, unfortunately, she's having an interview right now.

Here at the Honey Bee Inn, it's customary for all the new girls to be taken to Don Corneo's mansion.

Don Corneo's a famous dilettante. Now he wants to settle down and is in the market for a bride.

This place doesn't interest me.

Hmm...Seems to like it just fine. Good for you.

Welcome!! Even unpopular dweebs, like you, may meet their destiny here!! Pretty good, huh? Ha ha ha!

Dressing Up

Go up to Corneo's mansion, talk to guard

[COLNE_1: Corneo Hall] Outside Don Corneo's mansion

If you haven't talked to him before

This is the mansion of Don Corneo, the most powerful man in Wall Market.

Look, the Don's not into men. So don't let me catch you around here again...

Hey, and you got another cute one with you!


Hey, this look's like the Don's mansion. I'll go take a look.

I'll tell Tifa about you.


No!! You can't!!




You DO know...what kind of... place this is, don't you?


Then what am I supposed to do? You want to go in with me?


Well being a man, that'll be pretty hard. Besides if I bust in there, it'll cause too much commotion.


But, I just can't let you go in alone... Oh, man......


First...we need to find out if Tifa's alright...


What's so funny, Aeris?


Cloud, why don't you dress up like a girl? It's the only way.




Just wait. I've got a cute friend I want to bring.


Aeris! I can't......


You ARE worried about Tifa, aren't you? Then come on, hurry!

Talk to the guard again

A friend, huh...? Sounds pretty good to me.

That'll make the Don happy, too. Who knows, maybe I can......heeee, hee hee.

Go to the clothing shop and talk to the clerk at the counter

[MKT_S1: Boutique]


Excuse me! I'd like to get a dress.

Umm, it might take a little time. Will that be all right?


What's the problem?

Well, my father, the owner, has been in a slump lately. You see, he makes all the dresses.


And, where is your father?

He's probably plastered at the bar.


So... You're saying we can't get a dress unless we do something about your father?

Yes, I'm sorry. He's caused so much trouble.


You'd help me bring him back?


Well, if we don't do something, we don't get a dress, right?

Really!? Please help my crazy old dad. I just don't know what to do anymore...


All right, we'll do something. Let's go, Cloud!

Talk to clerk again

So how did it go?


We couldn't find him yet.

Go to the restaurant, talk to the guy sitting at the bar. You need to collect dress points to impress Don Corneo. He will choose Cloud if you have at least 19 dress points, Aeris if you have between 12 and 18 points, or Tifa if you have 11 points or less. Get Cloud chosen if you want to date Barret. Get either Aeris or Tifa chosen if you want to date Aeris/Tifa/Yuffie.

[MKTPB: Bar]


Excuse us, are you the father of the girl at the Clothing Store?

I own the Clothes Shop... but I ain't your father.


I didn't say that......


Make me some clothes.

I don't make men's clothes. And I don't feel like makin' anything right now.


Cloud, you wait over there for a second. I'll try and talk to him.

Why don't you go over there and have something to drink.


You know, Mister.

He always said that just once, he'd like to dress up like a girl.

So, that's why I wanted a cute dress for him...

What!? A tough lookin guy like that?


So, how 'bout it? Will you make him one?

...might be interesting. I was gettin' a little bored just makin' regular clothes.


Then you'll do it for us?

Yeah, all right. What kind of dress you want?



That feels clean

This will get you Cotton Dress, 1 dress point


And something...


that shimmers

That feels soft


And something...


This will get you Satin Dress, 3 dress points

that shimmers

This will get you Silk Dress, 5 dress points

Hmm, got it. Y'know I got a friend that has the same taste as him. I'll go talk to him.

Talk to the guy again

Hey, hold on. Wait till I get an image in my head. Gulp...ummm, that's good.

Go back to the clothing store

[MKT_S1: Boutique]

Talk to the kid

Looks like everything went well. He's been making the dress ever since he came back.

Talk to the owner at the counter

Oh, you're here. It's ready. Go try it on.

Depending on the dress you chose

Received Key Item "Cotton Dress"!

Received Key Item "Satin Dress"!

Received Key Item "Silk Dress"!

Cloud: you put this on?


Whoa! What are you doing!


It's still not right. A wig! That's what you need!

Umm, I thought you might, so I talked to my friend about getting one.

You know the gym? You'll find a lot of people there like you. Go and talk to them.


...'like you'? Aeris, what did you tell him?


Does it matter? Anyhow, we got a pretty dress!

Talk to the kid again

So? Were you able to get the wig?

Talk to the owner again

So, how was it? Were you able to see him?

Getting Wig

Go up to the gym and talk to the guy in cyan shirt

[MKT_MENS: Men's Hall]

You the one...... Who wants to be cute?





And about the wig...

Yeah, I heard. But it'll cost ya.


Big Bro!! The only way you're gonna get cuter is if you can beat Big Bro!!

That's right!

So, you've got to compete with us!

You're right. Let's do squats.

All right! We'll beat you out of this gym!


Are you...?


THE beautiful Bro?

What? You didn't know? Always running around here sayin' Big Bro' this, Big Bro' that...

Never mind that, come over here.

No, I'll explain the rules.

From the ready position, push [Square] Button to squat, push [X] Button to get up, and push [O] Button to go back to the ready position.

So it's [Square] Button, [X] Button, [O] Button in that order.

Got it?

Don't have it

Then I'll explain it again.

Choosing this will repeat the instructions

Got it

Choose this to continue

Whoever has the most squats after 30 seconds gets the wig.

I'm not going to lose.

Big Bro's wig is MINE!!

Just be quiet...

It's not fair for you to start right away, So, you want some practice?

A little

Then, start practicing!

You get 30 seconds to practice

You had [number] squats.

Don't need to practice

Now let's begin the real thing. Start!

It's easier to hold down the button (don't release) until there's a shuffling sound indicating the movement is done, then hold down the next button, etc. 30 seconds.

He had [number] squats and you had [number] squats.

If he has more than you

This gives you 1 dress point

Sorry You lose.

Since the old man from the clothing store asked me, I can't keep it from you, so...

Oh, now where did I put it?

All right then.

Stupid! What kinda place is that to hide it in!?

Uuuuhh, Bro's fists of steel cut to the bone! should still be able to use it if you disinfect it first.

Received Key Item "Wig"!

If you have the same number

This gives you 3 dress points

Oh, a tie.

Good job. Here's a hand-me-down.

Received Key Item "Dyed Wig"!

Hey, Bro I...I was supposed to get that.

Shut up! You have no room to talk, tying with a beginner like him!!

Uuuuhh, Bro's fists of steel cut to the bone!

If you have more

This gives you 5 dress points

Congratulations, you win.

You're really something. Okay, I'm a man of my word, here you are.

Received Key Item "Blonde Wig"!

Big Bro I'm so mad I'm so so so---mad!

Shut up! Don't cry, just because you lost!

Uuuuhh, Bro's fists of steel cut to the bone!

Talk to the guy again

Take care of it.

Talk to guys doing squats

Big Bro Get a hold of yourself.

Getting Tiara

This part is optional. If you want to collect extra dress points, talk to the guy in the materia shop.

[MKT_M: Materia Store]

Hey man. Got a minute? I need to to man.



What is it

Really! I really appreciate it.

......I'm sorry but, young lady? Would you turn the other way, for a second?







I'm sorry, lady.

Now here's the thing. Do you know that vending machine in the Inn?

I'm itchin' to know what they're selling in it. I just can't ask a girl to go get it.

What? Why don't I buy it myself? Well to tell you the truth, I got in a fight with the guy at the Inn and can't go there anymore. Come on, so how 'bout it?



I'll go

Choose this to continue

Good, thanks. I'll be waitin' here when you're done.

Not interested

Sorry about that. Just forget it.



Not interested

Sorry about that. Just forget it.

Talk to guy again

Good luck.

Go outside, then come back and talk to him again

How was it?


Not yet.

Hmm, I'm countin' on you.

Check in at the inn


Welcome. It'll be 10 Gil per night.


If you have enough money


He means this?

Don't buy it

Buy the one for 200 Gil

This will get you Diamond Tiara, 5 dress ponts

Buy the one for 100 Gil

This will get you Ruby Tiara, 3 dress points

Buy the one for 50 Gil

This will get you Glass Tiara, 1 dress point

If you try to buy something without enough money


I don't have enough money. I'll get him the other one.

Thank you very much. Please come again.


You don't have enough money.

Don't stay

All right then......, please come again.

Go back to materia shop and talk to the guy

[MKT_M: Materia Store]


I got it.

Oh, really!! Hey!



And, what was it?

If you bought the item for 200 gil

A protein drink set. That jerk. I'm gonna do so much more business than him, his head'll spin.

Thanks, bud. I'm motivated now. Take this, it's not much......

Received Key Item "Diamond Tiara"!

If you bought the item for 100 gil

A Stamina Drink Set. That jerk. I'm gonna do so much more business than him, his head'll spin.

Thanks, bud. I'm motivated now. Take this, it's not much......

Received Key Item "Ruby Tiara"!

If you bought the item for 50 gil

A Muscle Relaxing Cream Set. That jerk. I'm gonna do so much more business than him, his head'll spin.

Thanks, bud. I'm motivated now. Take this, it's not much......

Received Key Item "Glass Tiara"!

Talk to guy again

Come by again. I'll still be here doin' business.

Go outside, then come back and talk to him again

I'm sorry, we're sold out and I've got nothing for you.

Getting Perfume

This part is optional. If you want to collect extra dress points, go into the diner.

[MKT_S2: Diner]

Welcome! Sit wherever you like!

Talk to other diners

Umf...grunt...smack... Don't sneak up on me like that!

I'm gonna get another Pharmacy Coupon today.

I always get the Special.

It's thanks to the Don that we can eat like this.


Approach empty seat

Have a seat over here.

Sit down

Yes, what will you have?



Korean B.B.Q. Plate

One Korean B.B.Q. Plate.

Sushi Plate

One Sushi Plate.

Today's Special

One Today's Special.

Comin' up!

In this store, you pay first. It'll be 70 Gil.

If you have enough money

Thank you. Just a second.

There you go. Enjoy.



It was all right

Choose this to continue

If you haven't already received a coupon

Thank you. Here's an item coupon for the Pharmacy.

You can exchange it for one item there.

We're out of coupons, so we stopped giving them away. Watch for our NEXT promotion!

Received Key Item "Pharmacy Coupon"!

I've had better dog food

If you've received a coupon before

Thank you very much!


Hey! Cancel that last order!

Excuse me! You can't come in here and order things without any money. Come again...when you have money.

Don't sit down

Talk to guy inside pharmacy

[MKT_S3: Pharmacy]


Why don't you say something, if you're standing there?

If you have a coupon

Oh, you have a coupon. Then please select any one medicine you like.


This will get you Cologne, 1 dress point

Here you are.

Received Key Item "Disinfectant"!


This will get you Flower Cologne, 3 dress points

Here you are.

Received Key Item "Deodorant"!


This will get you Sexy Cologne, 5 dress points

Here you are.

Received Key Item "Digestive"!

[MKTPB: Bar]

Talk to guy outside the bar's bathroom

Hey, could you do somethin' for me? Someone's been in there all day and they're not comin' out. I can't hold it anymore!

Check the bar's bathroom

HEY...someone's IN here... Don't look!

Talk to lady inside

If you don't have medicine

Got any medicine on you? I'm too hyper...and......ugh......


Wasn't there a Pharmacy here?

If you have medicine


Give her medicine

Huh? You'll really give me some? Thanks.

If you have Digestive

Phew, I feel better now. This is for your kindness.

Received Key Item "Sexy Cologne"!


What is this...? Oh well.

It didn't do a thing, but thanks anyways. Here, this is for your kindness.

Depending on what item you got from the pharmacy

Received Key Item "Cologne"!

Received Key Item "Flower Cologne"!

Don't give her it

Check bathroom again


Honey Bee Inn

This part is optional, do this if you want to collect extra dress points. Underwear has no effect on dress points, and makeup gives a random number.

Go to Honey Bee Inn, talk to bouncer at door

[MRKT3: Honey Bee Inn] In front of Honey Bee Inn

The Honey Bee Inn is a private club. Only members can go in. Shoo, shoo.

Talk to the guy pacing just outside of the screen with Honey Bee Inn's entrance

[MRKT2: Wall Market] Lower section of Wall Market

Nope, I just can't make up my mind. Here, you take this. You won't be able to get in without it.

Received Key Item "Member's Card"

Talk to the guy again


Go to Honey Bee Inn, talk to bouncer at the door

[MRKT3: Honey Bee Inn] In front of Honey Bee Inn

Hey! Is that a "Member's Card" I see shining in your hot little hand?

Please, come in.


...Hmm. That's how you'll fool them.


.........Hmmmmmmm. So that's how you fooled them.


Let's go!!

Talk to guy with purple shirt

Mmm! Please, please!

Go inside

[ONNA_4: Honey Bee Inn] Inside Honey Bee Inn

Poo, I uh, mean, Sir...



Choose the BEST 'flavor' from the 4 rooms.

But you can only choose from an unoccupied room.

Talk to the girl

Please choose a room. (Gosh, he's so weird... but then again, they all are.)

Check rooms on the right side

Room on the top right

The Lover's Room

Room on the lower right

The Queen's Room


Looks like this room's being used.

Take a listen



Take a peek



Use directional buttons to look around

[ONNA_5: Honey Bee Inn] View of rooms when peeking through key hole

Lover's room, first time



What's wrong, Grandpa? You keep sighing.

...wheez...puff... You know, Grandma...

You talking about this room?

...whew... I know our son rented this for us and all, but...

It's too nice for us. Big round bed, gorgeous tub, I just can't get comfortable.

Don't worry about it. It's a high class neighborhood, in the Big City.

You keep complainin' and we'll get in trouble.


Lover's room, second time



Hey Grandma. What's the name of the company that our son is working for...?

Oh, Grandpa. Did you forget again...?

...heave... Lately, it's getting worse...

It's Shinra, you know, Shinra, Inc.? It's the biggest company in the city.

Yeah, if it's the biggest company, it must be something.

Yeah. It IS really something.

He's doing well, and he told me that he's been promoted to Department Head.

Oh...thanks to our son we're able to live in a room like this.

Yeah, I'm really grateful.

Lover's room, third time

Well, you wanna go to sleep...?

All right...

Good night.

Yeah, good night.

Lover's room, subsequent visits



Queen's room

If you've looked into this room already

Psst...... (Oh man, not again!?)

Psst... (How many times IS this?)

Psst... (I don't even know... whew...the King sure gets into this...)

...... The wind's calm now......

It's the curse of the resurrected Satan... Our beloved Queen does not awaken...

The time is ripe...

A legend has been passed on through generations...

Psst...... (Hey, shouldn't we stop him soon?)

...whisper...whisper... (We have a luncheon with President Shinra...)

Psst...... (You tell him......)

Psst...... (I can't tell him......)

Psst...... (Come on!! Oh, well......)

A legend has been passed on through generations...

......the sought after Promised Land......

Psst...... (I'm so disgusted with the President.)

......One with Blue Eyes...

Psst...... (It's like this every time we have a business trip to Midgar.)

......and a Great White Sword on his back......

(We come all the way to Midgar, just for this...)

......Will not lead to the Promised Land......

Psst... (What're you complaining about. You're just holding the lights. I've gotta wear this heavy armor!)

Psst...... (I know, I know... but it's all part of the job.)

Psst...... (Oh yeah, did you hear? The President's wife found out about this little hobby of his.)

Psst...... (Ha, ha......No way, that's the first I've heard of it.)

Psst...... (Oh, looks like he's done. Man, I'm glad!!)

Geez!! Mr. President!! I mean, Your Majesty......

Ohhh......I'm sorry. Please remove the ancient curse!



...... Destruction......

......a Dark Being......

......will guide you......

Go to the room at the top

[ONNA_2: Honey Bee Inn] Dressing room with three girls applying makeup

Talk to the girl on the left side

First time

Paste, paste, paste...

(Oh's another one of those guys. You know, the delicate type. Just ignore him, just ignore him.)

Second time

Fluff, fluff, fluff...

(Hmm...! I guess he doesn't realize his position. I feel sorry for him. Just ignore him, just ignore him.)

Third time

Pita, pita, pita...

(God, what a pest! All right, get out of here! You dog...)

(That's it, I'll name him 'pooch'.)

Fourth time

Mix, mix, mix......

(What should I do... Is he following me? Really? What if he follows me home...?)

(Poochy'll do it, I'm sure of it...)

Fifth time

Shake, shake, shake...

(You think he's after me? Really? This guy makes me sick... And his eyes are weird too...)

(Yeah, don't hurt these guys' feelings. Let's at least say 'hi' to him.)

Afterwards, until you introduce yourself

Uhh...... Hel...Hello.

What a nice day, today.

Introduce yourself


By the way, I haven't introduced myself yet.

I'm Cloud, a jack of all trades.

Oh, yeah...? Welcome, Cloud.

(Gross! Don't get carried away, remember your name is 'Pooch!')

Say Goodbye

BYE!! (Phew - I'm safe now...)

After introducing yourself

Take care...Cloud.

Talk to the girl in the middle

First time



Second time


Don't watch!!

Talk to the girl on the right side

First time

Hmm, hmm, hmm......

Ohhh, I just can't seem to lose weight. Hmm, hmm, hmm...

Sir!! You can't come in here.

(Yuk......a pervert...)

Afterwards, before telling her "not interested"

Oh my!! (...You're still here? Oh well, good timing anyway.)

Hey, what do you think about me?

Not interested



Oh my!! Are you embarrassed? (Man!! Why are you so moody...)

After telling her "not interested"

Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm...... Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm... Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm...

Phew......'s so tiring.


Is something the matter?

Not yet......


......Not really

Hmph......!! Listen you, not that it matters, but you sure do know how to make people mad.

(Of course...) Oh, I'm so happy. In what way? Not interested Whatever...

Check rooms on the left side

[ONNA_4: Honey Bee Inn] Inside Honey Bee Inn

Upper left room

The &$#% Room

Lower left room

The Group Room

If you haven't chosen a room yet


Looks like it's unoccupied.

I guess I'll take this one


I'll take this room.

All right. Now all we have to do is enter the room.

You're not going to have a change of heart, are you?

Don't make me repeat myself

Choose this to continue

Oh, don't be angry with me... (Geez...this one's probably the violent type...)

All right, please.

I'm still trying to decide

There you are. Enjoy yourself (You moody creepo!)

Hold ground



Try to go into a different room after choosing


I wonder if they'd change it if I asked.

I want this room


I've changed my mind... ......I want to change rooms.

Oh, yes sir. (So indecisive...)

All right, please.

Hold ground

Go into chosen room

[ONNA_52: Honey Bee Inn] Inside the guest room that you chose

If you chose the &$#% room

Check translucent Cloud


Hmm......? You......?

What are you doing in a place like this?

That's what I want to ask you. Should you be foolin' around here?

You think problems will just go away just thinkin' about them?

Oh no!

Help! Someone...! Hurry!

Eyaah! Help......!! Someone come. Quick!!

You can't change anything by just sitting back and looking at it.


What are you saying?

It's started moving.


What has?

Wake up!

rub, rub, rub... rub, rub, rub, rub...

thump...pound... thump...pound...

poik...poik... ...squish.



Cloud's HP/MP Restored!

Wake up!!

Wake up!!

Phew, I'm so relieved.


Bubby!! I heard you collapsed.


No, no, no.

Don't get so uptight.




Hmm...? They say youth is so long but so short.

Let's give this next one your best shot.


Time's up. Bye, bubby.

Catch Mukki on his way out


Don't get depressed over a thing like this.

It happens to me all the time.

Catch the girl before she leaves

I'm so sorry... There's a lot of 'adult' things going on...

For your inconvenience, Please take this, okay?

Received Key Item "Lingerie"!


What, this rag? For me!? I just don't get it.

Phew...that was close.

Please don't worry me like that.

If you chose Group room

This way, please.

Talk to girl

Shall we begin?

I guess since you chose this room, that would mean you...

Hate being lonely?

I'm used to being alone


I'm always alone.

Cut the small talk


I don't want to talk right now.

All right, all right. (...geez, you're so moody!)

Come on, everyone's waiting.


What am I doing?

Here they are.

All right, everyone.

One, two!! One, two!!



heave...pant... wheeze...heave...




(Smile, smile, smile...)


Oh man...

What should I do...?

I'm outta here.


I've got no time to mess around with you.

Outta my way!

This could be dangerous...


Looks like I'm always going to be facing crises all my life...



Don't be so embarrassed! Loosen up, bubby!


Let's wash off all our sweat and dirt together!



Bubby! You're the intimate type, huh!!


...heave...pant... Wow!! Would ya look at that!


Isn't bathing great...?

It soothes your heart.


How is it, bubby!?

Feels good, huh?



I don't feel good. Let me out...

It hurts


Too stuffy in here...


You'll get used to it. Try counting to ten.





Hey bubby, how old are you?


Twenty one...


You're less than half my age. I'm so jealous.

So how 'bout it...?

Do you wanna join my "Young bubby's" group?

Not interested




Maybe in another life.





Not to be rude or anything, but could you go do someone else?

Well, if that's how you feel...too bad.

We have a trip planned at a cabin out in the country.







Alright, that's ten. I'm gettin' out.


Why don't you stick around and play a bit?

Daddy's so lonely...


Bubby!! This is important to me.

Here's a memento of our time together!

Received Key Item "Bikini briefs"!


Hope we meet again!


This is SOME underwear... I'm supposed to wear this...?

Well, if it's to save Tifa... I guess there's no way around.

Go to the room at the top, talk to the girl on the left

[ONNA_2: Honey Bee Inn] Dressing room with three girls applying makeup



If I were to dress up like a woman... Then I've got to really prepare carefully.

Seems like I could put makeup on here.

Have them put makeup on

Choose this to continue. Makeup is randomly chosen, with 1/4 chance of getting 5 dress points, 3/8 chance of getting 3 points, and 3/8 chance of getting 1 point.


I have a favor to ask of you. Can you put makeup on me too?

...paste, paste, paste......

Don't do it

Talk to girls after getting makeup

...............oh my......

Uh, ......? Do you put makeup on?

Talk to the greeter girl on your way out

[ONNA_4: Honey Bee Inn] Inside Honey Bee Inn

OK, b-y-e!

Received "Sexy Lingerie"!

Go back out, approach Aeris

[MRKT3: Honey Bee Inn] In front of Honey Bee Inn


Hey!! Cloud!!

Talk to the man in purple shirt

Uh, sir!! It's almost closing time...

So, please remember any personal belongings.

Talk to the man in gray suit

I bought some pretty flowers from Aeris.

500 gil, a little expensive. Well, at least I got her name.

Talk to the soldier

Uuuuuuh! I want flowers too! But, I get so nervous in front of cute girls...

It just seems natural to get cautious...

Oh man!! Enter the boyfriend.


They bought lots of flowers from me.

Hey you! Don't you think it's rude to be playing around and making your girlfriend wait!