*** UUTAI1: Wutai ***

Sign in front of Turtle's paradise

Pub[Turtle's Paradise] Publicity Flyers! Notice

[Turtle's Paradise] is now having a Publicity flyer campaign.

They will be posted all over the world. So make sure you look for our flyers that say "Turtle's Paradise"

There's six in all. If you find them all, make sure to let the owner of Turtle's Paradise know. You can win a prize!

Just reading them's good enough, so please don't take them down or rip them up!!" --Owner, Turtle's Paradise

Turtle's Paradise poster

Talk to the woman walking on the right side

Before Meteor is summoned

If Yuffie hasn't stolen or hasn't returned your materia

Life is just like the flowing of a river. It flows from the large ocean of life, and eventually it returns back to it.

Wutai is a historical place. There are some very unusual things here you should see.

If Yuffie has stolen and returned your materia

Materia is like Life. They both come from the large ocean of life, and both must return to it.

After Meteor is summoned

Life is like the dew on the leaves of the trees. Whether that planet falls or not is no more than a fleeting glimmer.

After Yuffie steals MP Absorb materia in the item store, before finding Yuffie behind the screen in old man's house

Yuffie? I saw her a while ago. She must be in one of the houses around here.

Hm, money? There's all kinds of money...

This type and that... You know now that you mention it... There was some money over there...

Talk to the kid near the save point

Before Meteor is summoned

Alright, alright, alright! I know!

On the side of the mountain, right there in your face is Da-chao!

I hear you can climb to the top, but since it's dangerous I'd be mighty careful if I were you!

After Meteor is summoned

When that big star bashes into us, both Wutai and Da-chao are going to be dust! Can't we do something?

If Yuffie has stolen your materia

Before teaming up with the Turks to go after Don Corneo

A girl with materia? No, there hasn't been anyone climbing Da-chao for some time now.

After seeing the Turks on vacation, before Yuffie steals MP Absorb materia in the item store

You know I've noticed that there's a pounding noise from time to time in this store.

After teaming up with the Turks to go after Don Corneo, before Yuffie returns your materia

Alright, alright, alright! I saw an old man in flashy clothes running towards Da-chao!

He was babblin' somethin' and looked like he could float! It almost bowled me over!

After Yuffie returns your materia, before Meteor is summoned

Why Da-chao? Alright, alright, alright! I don't know!

Talk to the guy on the path to the pagoda

Before Meteor is summoned, if you haven't seen Yuffie arguing with Godo

Lord Godo is in this house.

He used to be quite strong, but now,all he does is sleep......

Before Meteor is summoned, if you've seen Yuffie arguing with Godo

She's always getting into fights But in that, she takes after Godo to a tee.

Like father like daughter...

After Meteor is summoned

The end is right in front of us...

But what can you do about it? Just go on living your life day in and day out...

If Yuffie has stolen your materia

Before seeing the Turks on vacation

What, Yuffie... It's best to ask Lord Godo about that.

But today he's not in the best of... Well, I should say... But really he's not so......

After seeing the Turks on vacation, before Yuffie steals MP Absorb materia in the item store

Anyhow, for some reason Yuffie's had a fondness for materia ever since I can remember.

She's always hung around places she thought might have it.

After Yuffie steals MP Absorb materia in the item store, before finding Yuffie behind the screen in old man's house

Yuffie's like that, you know. Sometimes she'll just bust into people's houses.

Then she hides in the shadows... Just like a little kid.

After finding Yuffie behind the screen, before finding Yuffie in the pot in front of Turtle's Paradise

That reminds me, Lately I've been seeing a kid around here that reminds me of Yuffie.

Always sneakin' around corners And into somethin' she shouldn't be.

After teaming up with the Turks to go after Don Corneo, before Yuffie returns your materia

Two girls just went off towards Da-chao. I wonder if that place is starting to become popular with the kids?

One had herself all tangled up in a rope. And the other one kind of looked like Yuffie.

Talk to the guy outside the pagoda

*** UUTAI2: Wutai, Pagoda ***

Before Meteor is summoned

That five-storied pagoda over there is called the Pagoda of the Five Mighty Gods...

The Five Gods are Power, Speed, Magic, War and Omni, who has the best characteristics of everything.

Since ancient times, we in Wutai, have worshipped Da-chao and the Water God.

Legend has it that the village has been protected by Da-chao, the Water God, and the Five Mighty Gods.

But in the last battle, we didn't fare so well... I guess our beliefs were based on nothing more than legends.

After Meteor is summoned

Have you ever heard the story of the scales of the Water God?

They're not just regular scales. They have special hidden powers. And are impervious to the strongest flames.

But of course I don't think they'd stand up to the fire that huge eerie-lookin' Planet's gonna make when it crashes into us...


House on the bottom right, next to the town entrance

*** UTMIN2: Wutai, Old Man's House ***

Before finding Yuffie behind the screen

Before Meteor is summoned

Well, well. Long time no see. What have you been up to? Let's see...what was your name?

No, Gramps! This isn't anyone you know! This is just some stranger who barged into our house!

After Meteor is summoned

Oh, you know lately things have been like that. You can even see the moon in afternoon. Everyone's celebrating.

No, Gramps! That's a big red planet in the sky! Everyone's scared of it!!

After finding Yuffie behind the screen

Oh, how exciting. You a friend of my grandson's?

No, Gramps! These guy's are creepy! They're runnin' all over the place!

After Yuffie steals MP Absorb materia in the item store, before finding Yuffie behind the screen

What are we going to do, Gramps? Some strange-looking girl came in here a minute ago and I...

House on the top right, check the wall in the basement

*** YUFY2: Yuffie's House ***

[Turtle's Paradise] No. 6

Drink at the "Turtle's Paradise" And talk about Wutai!

You'll know "Turtle's Paradise" by the big pot outside!!

Turtle's Paradise poster

Small house on the right side of town with lots of cats

*** UTMIN1: Wutai, Cat's House ***

*** HIDEWAY3: Hidden Passage ***

HP Absorb materia: climb up stairs, in hidden tunnel

Building after the first bridge by the town entrance

*** UTA_WA ***

Talk to the shop owner

If Yuffie has stolen but hasn't returned your materia

Sorry, listen I... No, nothing...never mind.


Before Meteor is summoned

Hey yo! Welcome!

Strike while the iron's hot, I say! We got some of the best blades right out of the furnace!

After Meteor is summoned

Hey yo! Welcome!

You aren't tired of my babbling?

Great! Then come on in and start buying!

Talk to the other guy

Before Meteor is summoned

After Yuffie steals your materia, before she returns it

Sorry, but we're entirely sold out now.

What's this here? Ah, no...that's uh...

...a sample! Yeah, that's it...a sample. Sorry, but why don't you all come back later?

After Yuffie returns your materia, if this guy refused to sell things to you before

Listen, I'm sorry about last time. Yuffie told me not to sell anything to you.

After Meteor is summoned

This is a weapons store of the hard cores, by the hard cores, and for the hard cores! Come on and take a look, why doncha!?

Item/Accessory Store

But it looks like you patched things up with her, right? So you can buy now!

Building on the bottom left

*** UTAPB: Bar [Turtle Paradise] ***

Talk to the bartender

Before Meteor is summoned, before Yuffie locks you in her cage

Hey, hey, welcome! You on a trip? Well, just relax and make yourself at home.

Nowadays, thanks to tourism, Wutai's able to get by.

Before Meteor is summoned, after Yuffie locks you in her cage

Seems like the town got really boisterous since you arrived. Did anything happen?

After Meteor is summoned

First the ground started shaking, then that large star......

Yy, you think... It's all over?

If you've read the sign outside plus all six posters around the world

Congrats! You have just found all six flyers for the "Turtles Paradise"!

How wonderful! Now here is your prize, just as we promised!!

Get Power Source, Guard Source, Magic Source, Mind Source, Speed Source, Luck Source, Megalixir

Please come again to: "Turtles Paradise"! We're looking forward to seeing you!

Talk to the guy at the bar

Before Meteor is summoned

Hey. Did you hear? There used to be a Water God here in Wutai.

They say the Water God was a huge snake!

Now we live in a world filled with Mako. Not many people would believe in something like that now.

But some in the world, and here in Wutai, still believe.

Believe in the scales of the Water God and in materia that has its power in it.

After Meteor is summoned

Hey. Things look pretty sad around here.

With things the way they are in the world I guess there's nothing I can do about it.

Running around like a fool won't help matters any. So, we all might as well sit back and have a beer...

After finding Yuffie behind the screen in old man's house, before finding Yuffie in the pot

It's been really loud and busy outside.

Someone outside must be up to something bad...

Hey. Things look a little sad around the store?

Let's just say that I like a quiet atmosphere.

Building next to the save point

*** UTA_IM: Item Store ***

Talk to the shop owner

Before Meteor is summoned

We got a lot of different stuff here. Take what you want.

After Meteor is summoned

You're still gonna sit here and buy stuff at a time like this?

You're an odd one...

Talk to the woman

Before Meteor is summoned

I'm sorry. The sign outside says "Materia", but there's almost no materia left anywhere in Wutai.

Listen, this is just a backwoods town. We don't have much to do with Shinra, and besides...

If we had a lot of materia, Wutai would be a much more exciting town, but we don't...

After Meteor is summoned

And now it's too late to be worrying about materia at this stage of the game...

If you see anything you need, buy it.

Oh, no, no, no! I'm just replacing these goods! You come back later.

House to the right of the pagoda, approach the sleeping mats in the left room

*** UTTMPIN1: Wutai, Main Mtn. ***

Depending on party leader



Wanna rest?

Let's move on



Yeah, let's get some rest

I'm all right



I could take a short nap

Can't waste any time

Lift the curtain on the left wall

*** HIDEWAY1: Hidden Passage ***

Magic Shuriken: chest inside hidden passage

Go behind revolving wall in the first room on the right

*** HIDEWAY2: Hidden Passage ***

Hairpin: chest inside hidden passage

Continue along the hallway to room with statue, talk to people inside

*** UTTMPIN3: Wutai, Main Mtn. ***

After Meteor is summoned and Yuffie returns your materia

Help me. Help me. Help me......

He's in the pagoda next to Lord Godo. Lord Godo says we're stuck...

num, num...... I hope the planet doesn't fall anywhere around here......

num, num......

Oh, Great Da-chao... Please grant us your strength...


Go up the mountain, into the cave

*** DATIAO_8: Wutai. Da-chao Statue ***

Dragoon Lance: inside chest

Run into the fire

If you don't have Leviathan Scales, depending on party leader




Can't go through here... That flame would make crispy critters of us in an instant.




There is no way past this!


Damn, that's hot!


I like hot baths, but this is TOO hot!

If you have Leviathan Scales

"The Scale of the Sea God" shines!

Oritsuru: chest inside the first nook

Steal as well materia: at the end of the tunnel

Received "MP Absorb" Materia!