Ancient Forest


Sleeping Man

Gongaga Blacksmith


Materia Caves


World Map

Ancient Forest

[ANFRST_3: Ancient Forest] Inside the forest on top of mountains near Cosmo Canyon. You can enter using a green/black/gold chocobo, or defeat Ultimate Weapon and enter using Highwind.

Catch an insect or a frog

You can release insects and frogs by pushing the (OK) button. The reaction of insects and frogs differ depending on where you release them, so try many different places.

If you caught the first insect on the left

Please push the [Square] button to give up. You will be returned to the Entrance.

You can steal Wizard Bracelet from Epiolnis in this area. Go over the bridge and walk slowly on the red venus flytrap, you can barely reach the item without it closing.

Received "Supershot ST"!

Collect all three insects near the row of pitcher plants, and quickly put one into each to cross. There's an item on the ground near the pink vine.

Received "Spring Gun Clip"!

Swing over the pink vine

[ANFRST_1: Ancient Forest] Second screen in the forest

Jump up the first vine



Put an insect or frog into the pitcher plant, and jump across. Put a frog in the pitcher plant on the left of the ledge, then stand on top of the plant until it pops you up. Put the gray box inside the venus flytrap on the ground. Check the item on the ground previously covered by the venus flytrap.

Received "Slash-All" Materia!

Put a frog in the pitcher plant on the right of the ledge and stand on top to reach the next screen.

[ANFRST_4: Ancient Forest] Third screen in the forest

Put insects in the two pitcher plants and use the vine to swing up.

[ANFRST_2: Ancient Forest] Top of the forest full of twisted branches

Go to the far right side, jumping through three vines. Pick up the item in the bag.

Received "Typoon" Materia!

Go to the far left side, then downward to get back to the previous screen and reach the item.

[ANFRST_1: Ancient Forest] Second screen in the forest

Received "Minerva Band"!

Go back up the branches, take the path hidden behind branches to the left of the three vines

[ANFRST_4: Ancient Forest] Third screen in the forest

Go across the rope, put an insect into the open pitcher plant to reach the gray box, put the box into the venus flytrap. Then take the remaining insect and put it into the pitcher plant between ledges, quickly jump across, put an insect in front of the hole, grab the frog that comes out, and jump back. Put the frog into the pitcher plant on the right side to jump to the exit.

[ANFRST_5: Ancient Forest] Inside cave

Check the chests

Received "Apocalypse"!

Received "Elixir"!


[Q_1: Hallway] Inside the wrecked gray plane on the ocean floor. You can get here by diving the submarine near the dock southeast of Gold Saucer.

Protect party against status ailments and elemental magic. You can steal Fire Armlet from Unknown, Aurora Armlet from Unknown 2, Bolt Armlet from Unknown 3, Water Ring from Serpent, and morph all enemies into stat-boosting Sources here.


This is the Shinra's Gelnika type airplane... I wonder why it went down here?

Check the chest on the left side of the hallway

Received "Heaven's Cloud"!

Go through the doorway on top of the save point

[Q_3: Research Room]


What is this place...? Must be some kind of a Research Establishment because there's a Mako generator?

Check chest on the bottom right

Received "Escort Guard"!

Check chest on the top right

Received "Megalixir"!

Check chest on the lower level top left, hidden by pipes

Received "Conformer"!

Go to the top right corner on the lower level, check behind the Megalixir chest

Received "Double Cut" Materia!

Go back to the hallway, go through the doorway on the left, continue forward.

[Q_2: Hallway]

If you haven't fought the Turks in Midgar's train tunnel on your way to Sister Ray






We just seem to keep running into each other lately!


There were weapons and Materia developed solely to destroy Sephiroth.


...but, it was attacked by Weapon and sunk to the bottom of the sea.


I can't give you what's here. We'll take out Sephiroth.

I guess this is our last meeting.


I won't let you get in our way.

Bosses are immune to Gravity. Steal Ziedrich from Rude and Touph Ring from Reno. Win Elixir.

Battle: Turks:Rude, Turks:Reno

If only Tifa is alive, with 1/3 chance

Rude ".................."

When Rude is defeated

Rude ".................."

When Reno is defeated

Reno "These guys are pretty tough."


So Shinra's new, secret weapon was on this Airship...

Continue down hallway

[Q_4: Cargo Room]


This must be the Cargo Room...

Check the chest near the entrance

Received "Megalixir"!

Check the chest at the far end of the platform

Received "Spirit Lance"!

Go down stairs


This is terrible... It's all messed up...

Check under the crashed helicopter

Received "Hades" Materia!

Check the two chests

Received "Outsider"!

Received "Highwind"!

Sleeping Man

[ZZ1: Old man's house] Inside the cave across the river north of Fort Condor

Talk to the guy

If you don't have any Mythril, and your number of battles fought ends with 00, 11, 33, 55, 77, or 99

Who're you?

Hmph. I guess it was fate that I woke up and met you. Here!

Received "Mythril"!!

If you didn't get Bolt Ring here, and your number of battles fought ends with 22, 44, 66, or 88

Who're you?

Hmph. I guess it was fate that I woke up and met you. Here!

Received "Bolt Ring"!!

Otherwise, one line randomly chosen

Large materia needs high level materia...... ......zzzzzz.......zzzzzzz......

Come on. You already escaped [number] times. ......zzz......zzzzzzz.......

You've already fought [number] times... ......zzzzz.......zzzzzzzz......

Check the box near his feet

What're you groping around for!




Gongaga Blacksmith

[ZZ2: Weapon seller] Inside the lone house located east of Gongaga

Before you get the Tiny Bronco


...No one's here. We'll come back later.

After you get the Tiny Bronco

Talk to the guy

After coming back from Temple of the Ancients, if you have talked to him before

You again? All right, what is it?

All the weapons you see here I made myself. But lately I haven't been able to get materials...

If you have Mythril

Hey you wouldn't happen to have any Mythril on you, would you? I'll trade you something good if you could spare some.

Give him some

Hey thanks! All right you can help yourself to either a big or small box.

Forget it

Check one of the boxes. You can keep opening one of the boxes to get multiple copies of the item, as long as you don't open the other. You won't be able to get any more Mythril after opening both.

In the small box, if he has allowed you to take an item

Received "Great Gospel"!

In the big box, if he has allowed you to take an item

Received "Gold Armlet"!

If he hasn't allowed you to take an item

Hey, don't just come bargin' in here!

Check the bed

What? You want to rest?


Oh all right. You can use that bed.


Yeah? Well, guess that's that.


[ZZ4: ???] Cave behind the waterfall by a lake surrounded by mountains. You can reach this by driving the submarine through the underwater tunnel northwest of Costa del Sol.

Enter the waterfall with Vincent in the party.

One of the two below randomly chosen




That voice? It can't be...






Stay back!!

Vincent !!!

[BLACKBGC] Flashback to Nibelheim with Vincent, Lucrecia, and Hojo

If she is happy then... I don't mind.

[SININB33] Basement of Shinra Mansion

I'm against it!! Why experiments on humans!?

She and I are both scientists!!


After that, a child was born to Lucrecia...

That child's name is...





This body is... the punishment that's been given to me...


I was unable...... to stop Professor Gast and Hojo...


And Lucrecia... I was unable to stop them...


All that I was able to do was watch... That is my punishment...

[ZZ4: ???] End flashback, back in Lucrecia's cave


Lucrecia... You're alive...


I wanted to disappear... I couldn't be with anyone... I wanted to die...

But the Jenova inside me wouldn't let me die...


Lately, I dream a lot of Sephiroth... My dear, dear child.

Ever since he was born I never got to hold him, even once...

Not even once. You can't call me his mother... my sin...


Back!! Stay back!


Vincent... Won't you please tell me?




If Sephiroth is still alive?

I heard that he died five years ago. But I see him in my dreams so often...

And I know that physically, like myself, he can't die so easily.

Please, Vincent tell me......


Lucrecia... Sephiroth is dead...

Come back after fighting up to 11 battles, and check the glowing pedestal. The actual number required is randomly chosen between 1 and 11.



Received "Death Penalty"......

Received "Chaos"......

Materia Caves

[ZZ5: Materia Cave] Inside cave on the east side of the continent with Wutai

Check the materia

Over the course of many years, Mako energy will crystallize into Materia...

Received "Mime" Materia!

[ZZ6: Materia Cave | ZZ7: Materia Cave | ZZ8: Materia Cave] Inside any of the other materia caves

Check the materia

Over the course of many years, Mako energy crystallizes into Materia...

If you are in the cave in the desert north of North Corel

Received "HP<->MP"!

If you are in the cave on the northeast tip of the crescent continent with Mideel

Received "Quadra Magic" Materia!

If you are in the cave on the round island near the northeast corner of the world map

Received "Knight of the Round" Materia!


[FSHIP_4: Highwind] Inside the airship

Talk to the guy working next to the Operation room

My hands are full, so I'll excuse myself here!

Fly Airship

[select] to move ahead [cancel] to land [menu] to call the bridge [Directional button:up] lower altitude [Directional button:Down] raise altitude [Directional button:left] move Left [Directional button:right] move Right [L1button] arc Left [R1button] arc Right [SELECT] toggle map [Start button] toggle map

If Tifa is the party leader

So things have come to this... When you want to take off, just tell the pilot on the bridge.

If Cid is the party leader

Huh? Did I forget Cid? You're testing me on whether I forgot or not!

Chew the fat

If Tifa is the party leader

......Well............ Um, what should I talk about?

Wanna hear why we rebelled?


Working on the Highwind, we spent every day slaving under Heidegger.

Whenever he got yelled at by the President, he'd immediately take it out on the crew.

We put up with this all the time. Even when he beat us.

I mean, I finally made it on the crew of the famous Highwind, and there's no way I was going to quit over him.

Let's see, it must've been a week was my shift and we were heading towards the North Cave.

Everyone, including the President and Scarlet, got on.

And with them, I saw Cid, a legendary pilot!

And he was looking around the inside of the ship looking really, y'know, nostalgic......

He even talked to us.

I couldn't believe it! I was so impressed! He was every bit as warmhearted as we'd always heard.

Cid said that if he had the Highwind, things would be a lot easier.

And now here we are off to save the planet. It's true. He really overwhelmed me.

And that's why we decided to help.

After the North Cave, we went to Junon, and I started screaming 'Fire! Fire!'

In the middle of all the commotion, we stole this ship from the Shinra.

That's how it happened. ......Just a minor mutiny against our leaders.

But Barret and you were captured by Heidegger......

We waited seven days for a chance to rescue you guys, before we finally could.

So thanks to our successful mission, we were able to see you again.

I hope I didn't bore you too much with that long story.

Don't care

If Cid is the party leader

I'm not just shooting the breeze! I'm also working!

If Cloud is the party leader, during disc 2

Oh, yeah, yeah. Are you using Chocobos?

I mean, just loading them up and transporting them.

During disc 3

I wonder what everyone's going to do when this fight's over?

I wonder what's gonna happen to the Highwind...?

[FSHIP_5: Highwind] Inside the chocobo room on the airship

Talk to the guy

If you've taken out a farm chocobo onto the Highwind

That's a good Chocobo.


I'm bored...... I'd like to ride a Chocobo.

How do I? gotta ride in on a Chocobo you've raised yourself

Then,if you bring your Chocobo to this stable,I'll take care of it for you.

I'll take care of it for you.

what? How do you raise a Chocobo? Can't say I know much about that.

If you want to know about raising Chocobo, there's a Chocobo ranch near Midgar. You should ask them.



World Map


Names of world map areas as they appear in the main menu

Midgar Area

Grasslands Area

Junon Area

Corel Area

Gold Saucer Area

Gongaga Area

Cosmo Area

Nibel Area

Rocket Launch Pad Area

Wutai Area

Woodlands Area

Icicle Area

Mideel Area

North Corel Area

Cactus Island

Goblin Island

Round Island


Bottom of the Sea


Try to go into the desert around Gold Saucer

First time, if you are on foot, depending on party leader


We're moving!?


This is bad!


Hoo boy...There's no way we can walk across now.


Huh? What!?


W, wait a minute!


Whew...The sand flows almost like a river... I guess we can't get in.


Whoa, whoa, whoa!


Damn...This's a problem!


You gotta be kidding.

First time, if you are on chocobo


Wark! Waaaark!!

Afterwards, if you are on foot, depending on party leader


Not even a Chocobo could make it across... Isn't there a more powerful vehicle?


Not even a Chocobo could make it across... Let's not go in this way.


Not even a Chocobo could make it across.

Afterwards, if you are on chocobo

Wark! Waaaark!!

Fly the airship into the barrier at Northern Crater


Wh, what the hell was that!? That came buzzin' past here like a powerhouse!

Fly the airship into Ultimate Weapon while it's flying around


*&$*&, what energy! Damn! You think I'm just gonna give up!?

Rent chocobo stables, catch a chocobo, and get off the chocobo you just caught

Depending on party leader


Now for the Chocobo...

Send it back to the stables

Turn it loose


Let's see...should I:

Send the Chocobo back to the stables

Turn it loose


Ok, Chocobo, I'm gonna...

Send ya back to the stables

Turn ya loose

I don't know how to trigger these lines


Hey...Why did it quit!?


...I got the feeling I'm forgetting something...


Hey, would you stay there just a minute?


...Let's see...where was I going...?


Please, Chocobo, would you wait just a minute?


Watch out.


Bye. Take care.


Take care, kid.