Wall Market


Wall Market

Lower screen of Wall Market

*** MRKT2: Wall Market ***

Before meeting Don Corneo

Talk to the boy outside the item shop

Aren't cats great? This one's a little big, huh?

Talk to the man standing outside the diner

If you haven't received a Pharmacy Coupon yet

Please come in. Here's a free 'Pharmacy Coupon' if you enter now.


Please, stop by.

Talk to the guy in front of the clothing shop

Oh... what should I do... Should I just buy it......?

Before Aeris suggests dressing up

Talk to the fat guy on the bottom right

I just can't make up my mind... Mmm.

Huh? About what?

Hmmm, don't make me say it... It's the shop down on the right.

If Cloud is not dressed up

Talk to the guy with red hair

Hey boy! You shore got a good lookin' heifer there!

Take her to the Don's place, and you'll make a mint.

Talk to the man with a cauldron

It's a little early to start eating. Come back in a bit.

While Cloud is dressed up as a woman

Talk to the guy with red hair

Hey! Pretty lady. Let me tell you about a good job!

Go to the Don's place. You'll make a small fortune!

Talk to the man with a cauldron

What? Are you ladies going to eat too?

The fat man on the bottom right is hidden, you can't talk to him

Say, you're a cutie, heh, heh, heh.

After meeting Don Corneo, before Meteor is summoned

Talk to the boy outside the item shop

It came down from the sky.

But the old guy who likes tanks took all of it away. I wanted some too.

Talk to the man standing outside the diner

According to that guy with the tank, if you're strong enough, anyone can make it to the top plate.

So, build your strength by having a plate of our food.

Talk to the guy with red hair

I never believed that Sector 7 would ever come down.

Talk to the man with a cauldron

Phew, it's all dusty ever since the sky came down. I'll have to start over.

Talk to the guy in front of the clothing shop

That was scary...

After Meteor is summoned

Talk to the boy outside the item shop

I wish I could live with a real cat.

Talk to the man standing outside the diner

It's a weird world we live in, so eat up and work hard.

Talk to the guy with red hair

We're not leavin' this city no matter what happens.

Talk to the man with a cauldron

I don't know what's gonna happen next, But first, you gotta fill your stomach.

Talk to the guy in front of the clothing shop

Seems like everything has frills on it.

Talk to the guy standing outside the inn

If the party is Cloud & Tifa or Cloud & Aeris

Hey, you two. Why don't you get some rest?

We have a beautiful room, how 'bout it?


Hey, ya'll. Please stay here!

Upper screen of Wall Market

*** MRKT1: Wall Market ***

Talk to the guys near the junk heap

Before meeting Don Corneo

All this trash. Can't we do anything with it?

All this, belongs to the owner of the Weapons Shop. He keeps picking things up and saving them here.

Oh, you mean the owner who even has a tank in his shop.

But no matter how you look at it, it's just trash...

After meeting Don Corneo

Is this pile of trash getting bigger?

Yes, I think so.

A lot of things came falling down when the Sector 7 pillar fell.

Right, right, you're right. The owner of the Weapons Shop scavenged all the stuff that came falling down.

Oh is that why? He seems pretty suspicious these days.

Oh, you mean he went out to the Plate cross section next to the Don's Mansion, right?

Oh, you know! I wonder what he's doing?

Yeah! It gives me the chills.

Outside of Honey Bee Inn

*** MRKT3: Honey Bee Inn ***

Before Cloud dresses up as a woman, if you haven't visited Honey Bee Inn

Talk to the man with purple hair

What the hell!! You *%^&!! This ain't no #$*&^% show!! I'm busy right now!!

I'm feelin' like there's gonna be a fight!!

Talk to the man with red hair


Man... Should I go......or not?

...I get so mental at times like this. I'm hopeless!!


Hey!! Aren't you...?

What!! You mean you're...too?

Yeah, me too.

You're Tifa's childhood friend, and you brought a new girlfriend to a place like this!?

What kind of guy are you!!

Don't bring me down to your level

What...Me too. I decided this after a lot of deep thought. My last memories of know.

But... That guy over there kinda scares me.


What kind of person are you!?

You stay out all night at Aeris' and don't come home till morning!

Uhh...little Aeris... I, I'm...heartbroken again.

I heard. You two were gettin' chummy in the park together.

Talk to the soldier way...... I can't go on.

Things aren't working out.

Between our differences and my pay, it just isn't cutting it.

After visiting Honey Bee Inn, before dressing up as a woman

Man in purple shirt

It's closing time. yawn......I'm so sleepy......

Man in gray suit

Sir, is everything all right? Look, Aeris looks so lonely.

Man with purple hair

I asked Aeris for a date...

And she said not even if I paid her 1,000,000 gil.

Her flowers cost 300 gil, too... She's a good business woman.

Man with red hair


Aeris...... Thanks for the flower and 1 gil.

I'll treasure this! I'm going to dry it and keep it for good luck.


Uurrgh! So, this is it for today, huh?

While Cloud is dressed up as a woman

Talk to the man in purple shirt

Ummm, young girls...soft skin. Ummm, OK, I'm refreshed now!

...Mmmm? Pretty hard. You work out?

Talk to the man in gray suit

Yeah, I only talk to the pretty ones.

Mmmm, you're the one. You're just great.

Talk to the man with purple hair

That's funny. A hard, spiky hairstyle! Looks kinda familiar...

Talk to the man with red hair


Uh...ummm I, I......


I'm...Jo......Johnny... Nice to meet you.

Ha ha ha !!

All the young bucks gather and deceive this innocent young girl...

Ohhh boy!! It's healthy, it's wholesome!!

You gotta be like this when you're young!

So, how 'bout it? You wanna try working at our shop?

And when you talk about it with that face, It drives me crazy with jealousy.

After meeting Don Corneo, before Meteor is summoned

Talk to the guy

Hey!! It's you!!

Sorry, but I already heard about you.

In addition to dressing like a woman, it seems you like to smash and grind things.

We only let cultured customers in! Got it? Then you'd better leave!

After Meteor is summoned

Talk to the soldier

Heee,...... The Shinra have occupied this shop!

Mmm...? That's too bad.

This used to be where the Honey Bee Inn was!!

Now, it's a barrack for the Shinra soldiers.

This shop is now under Shinra rule.


Materia store

*** MKT_M: Materia Store ***

Talk to the guy

Before Aeris suggests dressing up

...We're closed now.

Let's do some shoppin'.

Item store

*** MKT_IA: Item Store ***

Check the machine

After Meteor is summoned, if you haven't received the item yet

If your party is Cloud, Tifa, and Cid


Hmm? Let me see that.


It should work now. Go on, try and use it now.


Cid! What did you do!?


Don't get mad, you'll just get more wrinkles. Hey, something's comin' out.

Get Premium Heart


......Beeeeeep...... blipppp......






Clothing shop

*** MKT_S1: Boutique ***

Talk to the clerk across the counter

Before Aeris suggests dressing up

Welcome. Please take your time.

After meeting Don Corneo

You're dressed normal today. If something else interesting comes up, let me in on it.

Talk to the customer

While Cloud is dressed up as a woman



Other times

Don't push! Hooligan!


*** MKTPB: Bar ***

Before asking for a dress

Talk to the old man sitting at the bar

Whew, times are bad.

Talk to the kids sitting at the table

Before meeting Don Corneo

...And then...

Hmm, hmmm, oh really?

hm, hm, hm, and...?

After meeting Don Corneo

Scary, isn't it? You just never know when the plate might come crashing down.

Yeah. I'd like to climb up to the plate if I could.

Talk to the chef

Yes? If you want to order, do it at the counter.


*** MKT_S2: Diner ***

While Cloud is dressed up as a woman

Sorry! But we're completely full! Please come again!

Go into the kitchen

Please keep out of kitchen!


*** MKT_MENS: Men's Hall ***

Talk to the guy doing squats

All right...1, 2, 3. Squats are all in the rhythm.

I'm doing my best, bro'!

How's... this!?

Talk to the guy doing kicks

Before meeting Don Corneo

Join the club.

Try it with us.

After meeting Don Corneo, before Meteor is summoned

More strength.

I bet you could climb all the way up to the upper plate if you used that pipe.

Don't you know? The old man at the Weapon shop can tell you more about it.

After Meteor is summoned

These days, you've got to have strength. Come on, you should work out.

Talk to the guy in cyan shirt

Before needing a wig

Oh dear. I've gained weight again.

After you meet Don Corneo

So? How's it?

Weapon store

*** MKT_W: Weapon Store ***

Talk to the guy at the left side counter

Before meeting Don Corneo

You want somethin'? I don't wanna hear any complaints 'bout how things look.

How 'bout it? Wanna buy somethin'?

After Meteor is summoned, if you haven't bought his item yet

Oh, so you're back? I got something good for you. Why don't you buy it?


You probably just found it lying around somewhere, right?

I'll admit that I found it, but you may never be able to get another one like it again.

How 'bout 129,000 Gil for it?


...What kind of price is that?

Oh, all right...I'll buy it

If you have enough money

Hey, much obliged. You'll never regret it!

Get Sneak Glove

If you don't have enough money

Hmm, looks like you're a little short, son. Come back again.

No, I don't want it

Hmm, that's too bad. This's really something.

After buying his item

Come again.

Basement of Don Corneo's mansion

*** COLNE_4: Torture Room ***

After meeting Don Corneo, if Yuffie hasn't stolen your materia near Wutai

Talk to the guy bound to the table


Hey! You're...not them... you're...

Please, help me!

Help him



You know what? After you left, some Shinra guys forced themselves in here saying things like 'information leaked' and 'good for nothing'.

They took Don somewhere and that's it...... I'm still here.


Oops! They're here again... I'm outta here! SEE ya

Leave him


I...I was just following the Don's orders! Help me!

Turtles Paradise No. 2

One thing even the Gold Saucer doesn't have is......

A good place for drinks and a great atmosphere!

Come on by and see us at "Turtle Heaven