Calculating balanced Quina

In addition to Strength-oriented and Magic-oriented, Quina can also be in a "balanced" orientation where points are distributed as evenly as possible between Strength and Magic. Mathematically speaking, this means the difference between Strength and Magic must be minimized. The calculator can't directly calculate stats for balanced Quina because it is only programmed to maximize stats, and doesn't have the ability to minimize differences. Luckily, it is capable of calculating variations that are close to balanced, and you can easily find balanced stats based on those results.

The steps for calculating optimal stats for balanced Quina are:

Once you've done the two calculations, compare their results. There are four possibilities:

For the ordered approach, this only gives the optimal Spirit, Strength, and Magic stats. To fill in Speed which is ranked last, do a third calculation. Select Quina as the character (either orientation is fine), "Ordered" as the stat priority, and "Set custom target values for each stat" as the final equipment preference. On the second page, set the stat limits for Spirit, Strength, and Magic to the values you just found, and leave the limit for Speed at 50. This way the calculator will optimize Speed while respecting the other stat values.