Equipment Setup

Character:Quina (balanced)
Stat priority:Ordered
Base stats at Lv 1:11 Spirit, 18 Strength, 20 Magic, 14 Speed
Final equipment:Gastro Fork, Circlet, Bracer, Robe of Lords, Protect Ring
Forced experience:All of Abadon
Optimal stats:48 Spirit, 66 Strength, 68 Magic, 24 Speed
Optimal equipment setup:

During Pandemonium:
Holy Miter, N-Kai Armlet, Robe of Lords, Dark Matter

At any time:
Head: 77 Holy Miter
Arms: 77 N-Kai Armlet
Body: 11 Robe of Lords, 66 Dark Gear
Addon: 4 Rebirth Ring, 73 Dark Matter