Equipment Setup

Stat priority:Combined
Base stats at Lv 1:22 Spirit, 20 Strength, 16 Magic, 20 Speed
Forced experience:All of Tantarian, All of Amdusias
Optimal stats:50 Spirit, 67 Strength, 72 Magic, 29 Speed
Optimal equipment setup:

For Tantarian:
Lamia's Tiara, Bronze Gloves or Mythril Gloves, Linen Cuirass, Pearl Rouge

During Pandemonium:
Lamia's Tiara, Venetia Shield, Minerva's Plate, Dark Matter

At any time:
Head: 59 Kaiser Helm, 15 Genji Helmet
Arms: 74 Venetia Shield
Body: 74 Minerva's Plate
Addon: 1 Ribbon, 60 Pearl Rouge, 13 Dark Matter