DGSAdvance is a client for Dragon Go Server (DGS). Its main features are a game board editor for exploring the game tree, and the ability to submit moves conditionally from multiple variations.

Download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Amy1JAFU2SOAmusMl4-TJcaJdHVbCA (last updated 2016/07/05)

The JAR file should be able to run on any OS with Java runtime installed.


What you can do with DGSAdvance


What you cannot (yet) do with DGSAdvance

How To: Submit moves

Because the UI around this part isn't great

To queue moves for submission:

  1. In the main status window, click "Edit moves" to open the game board for a game.
  2. Make moves on the game board.
  3. In the game tree (middle pane), right-click on the move that you want to submit, and choose "Commit to this move". The game tree will have green dots indicating committed paths.
    • You can commit to moves from multiple different branches, but the branching can only occur on your opponent's turn. That is, you can anticipate multiple ways your opponent might play, but for each branch, you can only commit to one way you will play.
    • You can only commit to moves of your color. You cannot commit to opponent's moves.
    • You can only commit to moves that come after the current state of the game. You cannot commit moves that branch off from an earlier game state.
  4. After you are satisfied with all committed paths, close the game board window. Moves will not be automatically submitted while the game board is being edited.

DGSAdvance will check for new moves periodically in the background. Whenever it's your turn and you have a move committed for the latest game state, that move will be submitted for you.


This is a side-project I made using my spare time. I use it myself for my DGS games, but it can certainly have bugs and comes with absolutely no warranties. I cannot be held liable if anything happens due to this program. :)

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